Girls and guy at night(Buffy RPG)

L.A's beloved Celebrities shortly before their untimely death

February 7 1997Edit


Last Saturday night at 2:21 AM the bodies of Producer Geoffrey Longbaugh(Wolfbane, Redemption, The End, Reaper's Cross) and beloved actresses Christina Lopez(The End, Seventh Vengeance, Cargo) and Rhea O'Donnell (Reaper's Cross, 'The Voice) were found dead in an alley near Asher's Way, Los Angeles, California. All three of their corpses were discovered by a vacationing portuguese family, and was immediately reported to the Police, who explored the perimeter, thanked the family for their help, and brought the bodies to the San Luis Hospital, where two marks on each body, situated on the neck, were discovered. Police identified the marks as those made by animal fangs, possibly those of a powerful canine, although no lower teeth marks were found on the rest of the neck, or even on the rest of the bodies.

It's a terrible day for Movie lovers everywhere, and we of the Sunnydale Press express our most sincere regrets to the families of these three young celebrities, and wish them luck in recuperating after this tragic event.

George Longbaugh, brother to the murdered Geoffrey Longbaugh, wishes to bring his brother's body back to where he was born and bury him there in full honors-In Sunnydale. The relatives of Christina Lopez, the childhood friend of Geoffrey, have also agreed upon the subject, wishing that Geoffrey and Christina be buried side by side. Their bodies have recently arrived in Sunnydale, and are to be buried at Sundown tomorrow. Rhea O'Donnel is to be buried in New York State, where she lived with her Uncle Emmet during her childhood).

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