Vamp jane

The daughter of Roland McGrath and Ella McGrath, two rich Americans from L.A., made famous for their stage acting skills as comedians, Tanya McGrath was simply the thorn in their side, growing larger as she got older. She was an inconveniance, a shadow over their acting career. They hadn't asked for her to be born. They didn't and could not have a child at the age of 26 and 25, they couldn't have a child when they were still young-Still handsome and beautiful-Still full of skill-They didn't want it! And so, she was sent off to live with her uncle, Mordekai McGrath, and at the age of 19, her uncle strode up to her, and sunk his teeth into her neck. And she did the same to him, letting her anger and hate sieze control of her-And she drank from dear old Uncle Mordekai the way he drank from her, his blood filling her mouth, and his cold, humorless chuckles fill her ears...

And now she's left her uncle, hearing of blood and gore aplenty to be found in Sunnydale, California...A pretty little town, right ontop of the Hellmouth. She now frequents The Bronze, tempting the young, drunk and foolish to take the gift she offers them-Death.

She refuses to join The Master, seeking a smaller, less noticeable type of band, where she can keep to the shadows and feed without a stake getting thrust down her throat.

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