Saryna Cade

A young witch of 18 from Oklahoma occupying Sunnydale High, she lives for mischief and mayhem, with a book of spells to make sure her dreams come true...Although not all of the creatures and spells leaping from it's pages tend to be good things...

Saryna is a sweet, cheerful girl, who loves the knowledge that in a tight situation she'd fight like a cornered cat with chaotic spells at her disposal. She seems to have no particular friends, sacrificing companionship for the seeking of magical knowledge. It's been noted by many a magic-wielder-seeking character that she always seems up for a task requiring her assistance, from obliterating business-rivals to healing the sick.

She lives with Derrick Cade, her father, in his Appartment in Sunnydale, near an appliance store known as Gillet's, a few miles from her Highschool.

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