Grennigen(Buffy RPG)
A savvy Demon hunter from the old days specialized in werewolf slaying, Joseph Grennigan hails from Ireland, where his father, a member of The Watchers Council, was murdered by a freed Granok Demon. Grennigan, only 17 at the time, pursued the demon to the seaside, where he hacked it to bits with his father's claymore and scattered its remains in the tide. Learning of the Hellmouth in America, Grennigan immediately came, just end up being hired by Robert C. Warren, Head of Soveta Industries.

Warren wants him to catch a vampire...Which he easily does, stalking Craig and his gang into an alley and beating the stuffing out of 4 of the 6 of them(2 having fled before the battle took place). After laying all four of them out unconsious, including the giant, sinewy Craig, he chose the rather frail-looking Marisa, dragging her body all the way back to the Soveta Industies HQ.

He's taken up temporary residence in an abandoned Gas Station titled Desert Winds.

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