Derrick Cade
Once a lumberman from Oklahoma, Derrick Cade still has the shadow of one of those beared, axe-waving giants accustomed to living in cabins and eating bearmeat, although he's had less of the bear under his teeth these days, having turned amateur writer and Sunnydale Press editor these last few weeks spent in Sunnydale with his daughter, Saryna Cade. Although he doesn't usually seem to understand or notice her much, her late mother, his wife, being the only one who actually took care of the mite; but whenever trouble of any kind is afoot with his daughter even he's noticed and describes as strange, he somehow is always there, bellowing curses and weaving images of some hybrid of the Yeti and Arnold Schwarzenneger both.

He enjoys gambling and drinking as much as the next wifeless wilderness-reject, usually practicing such fine and ancient arts in places as the backroom of The Bronze.

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