It was Saturday night. Two men, a cheerful young man in a business suit, and a mexican man who has recently just escaped prosectution and assassination in his homeland. Why? Because he had married a young woman. Emilio Carca had just recently given up his position as a High Priest to the Catholic Church. Such things could not be, and his fanantical Church comrades thought up a punishment. That very night, they slunk into his house, murdered his wife and butchered his newborn child, and set his house alight. And Carca ran. All the way to America. He fought Mexican mafia and Mexican soldiers, he broke through Mexico into America under a line of gunfire, and escaped into Texas, where he then entered California, and was picked up by the young man he quickly learned to call his brother, his savior, his friend, and his lost son. But the World wouldn't have it. A deranged asian man attacked them. He ripped open the young man, and attacked Emilio, killed him, and tore open his body as well, and ravaged both corpses. Later that night, Carca reappeared. He stepped up to the two corpses lying in a blood-drenched field. One, a middle-aged Mexican, the other-A young man. Carca grinned eerily, before striding up to the young man, and dragging his essence, but not his soul, from Heaven and back to Earth. And using his essence, he recreated the young man, a gory, soulless corpse. The Warlock patted the reanimated creature on the shoulder, before walking off into the distance. He wasn't alive either. He had seen his body alongside the young man turned vengeful zombie. But he could still use his powers beyond the grave. This was his last few moments on Earth, but now he was sure revenge would be done in the name of Emilio Carca, Luisa Carca, Bernardo Carca, and Ruben Van Cleef. His life was complete. He was entering the afterlife.
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