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And welcome to the Hellmouth

This is a Wiki created to be the companion of a Roleplaying Site I'm soon to create, concerning every Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode, every Season...But not about the main characters...About those in the background of it all, the vampires-demons-undead-humans-All those left ignored, only to fill in the backdrop...Well, my friends, no longer...For we are going to play these characters, we are going to bring them to life!(Figuratively speaking-You can't bring undead and vampires back to life of-course...And no, for you idiots and suicidal types out there- we're not going to use this "idiot box" of mine I'm..."Typing" with, as I believe you people call it...To bring all your miserable, insignificant little characters to our world to live and pester us about demons and dates and such-Because I won't survive it. And if your wondering about anything else-

1-Roleplay is to be done Here, and you may also roleplay on the Chat with a small gathering of friends or something of the sort, but Chat isn't only to be used for that-We have this site to roleplay on, so we're not just going to roleplay in Chat-It's called 'Chat' for a reason.

2-Graphic sex is forbidden on this Wiki, and to those under 18 on the forums. And when sex is to be put into roleplay-A thread is not to be devoted solely for that. Jokes concerning sex however are tolerated, as long as they aren't racist or sexist.

3-You may adopt minor characters to roleplay with. Example: You may bring back Sid the dummy, Drusilla the vampire, D'Hoffryn], and many others(Don't forget to ask your beloved Admin first)

4-Cursing is aloud, but I prefer to keep it at a minimum, unless your in-character. Racism, Sexism, Underage-sex, and promotion of the use of Drugs(Unless in-character ;P), and giving out your own private information or that of a fellow user is strictly forbidden, and those who I catch doing so will be banned on the spot.

5-What is this Wiki here for, you ask? Why to not only create and build up upon our stories here, but we also create pages concerning everything in them, for we are making our own story, are we not? Our characters, our locations, our happenings, our items, our stories, our roleplays...Everything... Here.

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