"Tam", born Tameka McFayn, was a Scottish Immigrant born to a weak Spanish mother and an an abusive Scottish father, which was the reason she left at the age of 17, seeking freedom in the land of America. She met a romantic, broody man, Vincent, and instantly had feelings for him. And one night, after being together for three weeks, they walked down a street after a long night of gambling and drinking away their money.Vincent suddenly turned and grabbed her shoulder, and expecting him to embrace her, she didn't fight. He pulled her closer, and then, with frightening speed, he bit into her neck. A predatory instict flashed through her body, and she instantly bit into his neck- And drank.

Later that night, the pair stopped a young girl crossing the street, and drank their fill as well. She felt new, powerful, quick...And hungry. Oh, ever so hungry. She turned to Vincent, and grinned, her fangs, still dripping blood, glinting dully in the sunlight.

But that was long ago. No more the fearful, weak-minded girl she was in 1908. She's got a new gig going-Stalking the streets and graveyards of Sunnydale, California, under the Big Boss of Sunnydale- The Master...

Tam has a grudge against Craig, who had swatted her like a fly when she and three others tried to subdue and dust him for his refusal to join the Master.

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